Thursday, December 31, 2009

My cool retro-synthesizer-inspired gifts

Well, I received two really cool synth-related gifts over the holidays, and although they don't fall directly into the category of retro advertisements or promo pieces, They are vintage synth-related and dang cool lookin'.

Both were created by Zenbecca - an artist that has a genuine fetish for anything and everything retro. And that apparently includes vintage synthesizers.

The top image is a retro-inspired Korg synthesizer collage piece that I've proudly hung in my dining room. I'll let her explain more about it:
"This MS-20 is an original paper-pieced collage measuring approximately 9x11 inches. I used printed paper, plain and textured cardstock and vintage (1950s) dictionary pages. Each piece was hand cut and inked before being adhered. I stopped counting at 100 cuts. Everything was cut freehand (including the awesome Korg logo), except for the knobs and round bits that were punched. My tools were precision scissors, 2 circle punches, ink, glue, imagination... and the patience of a saint."
So - why the whitish side panels in her re-imagining of the MS-20, you ask? Because my MS-20 has wooden sides... :o)

I've already got plans in my head to get her to create more pieces based on other gear - in particular some Moog and XOX stuff.

She also created a custom retrosynthads desktop calendar for me to take to work (the two other images above) that includes twelve of my favorite vintage synthesizer ads from the last year.

Most excellent... and it does give me some ideas for a future retrosynthads promo!

Blatant promotion: You can view Zenbecca's other (mostly non-synth-related) work at her blog and Etsy shop. Both sites include stuff she's made, often featuring cool robots, vintage board games and images of hot 1950s women.

She also writes the Going Green column for Try Handmade, featuring some cool upcycling products made by other artisans and crafters around the Web.

Have a good New Years.

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