Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Dream of Wires [Hardcore Edition] PLUS's batteryACID eurorack module

Okay - yeah. Still on vacation. But this just came in the mail today and I just had to share!

The I Dream of Wires modular synth documentary [Hardcore Edition] PLUS's batteryACID eurorack module. Yum.

Monday, August 5, 2013

On vacation...


Taking a break to work on some music. Or something. Be back soon-ish.

But since you are here, why not click on one of the links under the "Best. Blogs. Ever." section on the left side of this Web page. Some cool stuff there.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Roland JD-800 "What does 'programmable' really mean?" brochure, 1991

Roland JD-800 "What does 'programmable' really mean?" six page brochure from June 1991.

If you recall my previous blog post, you will know this brochure was not the first for the JD-800. More than a few months before, Roland had released a black and white teaser to get the buzz started on this beautiful beast.  But I think we can all agree that the JD-800 deserved so much more.

And Roland knew that too, coming out with this full colour six pager. Actually, two of the six are only about 5/6 of the width of the other four, but details, shmeetails. It was a Roland "thing" to have that one fold slightly smaller than the rest, as you will see in future blog posts of other Roland brochures.

The problem with scanning brochures larger than four pages is that Google puts size restrictions on images (not KB size, but pixel size). So, if you scan them altogether and try and upload, Google will automatically size them down. Because of this 'feature' of Google, I've included every page above as separate images, even though the photo of the JD-800 on the inside of the brochure spans two pages. But, I've included merged versions below (they just NOT as high in resolution). 

 The front cover of this brochure is gorgeous and really shows off those front panel controls. But that inside two-page spread of the front panel is what really does it for me. It gives the reader a good sense of the actual size of this beast. And it is a beast. Just compare the front panel depth to the size of the keyboard itself.

The content of the brochure expands on what we had already learned from the teaser brochure. We even get a list of waveforms and the internal patches.

Gonna keep this one short. I'm thinking of taking the month of August off from blogging and this JD-800 brochure is a nice way to jump ship for a while and take a bit of a holiday for myself to recharge the batteries and figure out where to take Retro Synth Ads next.

Maybe a musical based on the blog? I kid... I kid...

See you in a month, or sooner if I can't stay away. :)