Thursday, April 19, 2012

Moog Opus 3 synthesizer reference sheet, 1980

Moog Opus 3 synthesizer reference sheet from 1980.

Okay - time to give Oberheim a bit of a break. I think my infatuation is becoming unhealthy.

Reader of the blog Morris had written in because he had come across my other 1980 Moog reference sheets and respectfully suggested that it had been over 14 months since I had posted one. sorry.  :D

He also suggested that if I had the Moog Opus 3 sheet, that one in particular would be interesting because:
1. He dug the synth.
2. He has been listening to the early 90s electronic band of the same name.

Good taste, Morris. Good taste.

Opus 3 (the band) brings back some good memories. I'm gonna assume the band got it's name from this synthesizer. Just a guess  :)

 This is the fifth Moog reference sheet I've posted. The others so far are the Moog Prodigy, Micromoog, Minimoog (yum) and Polymoog.  I've included the four others below but you can also link to them to see their back-sides.

There is something to be said for consistency. The same layout. Same fonts. The backs of these reference sheets are pretty similar too. Descriptions of all functions, and sometimes if there is room like on the Opus 3 sheet, we are treated to a juicy line diagram on the back.

That Opus 3 photo also really shows off the colourful Moog sliders nicely. They can also be seen in that Polymoog photo, but the Poly is such a large instrument that in order to get the whole keyboard into the shoot, readers don't get such a close-up view of those little gems. 

If my labels have been kept up to date, the Opus 3 has only made one other appearance in the site - in a Moog 1982 Product Catalog. The text that accompanied the Opus 3 photo in that catalog (page 3) includes a bit of info about the machine, most importantly pointing out that the synth included the patented Moog filter, and my favorite - the stereo mixer with panning.

You really gotta hear the Opus 3 live to understand its beauty... but the next best thing might be this 25 minute YouTube video posted by "mee3d" back in January 2009.  Yes that's 2-5 minutes. :)

Looking at all those sheets in a row now, that Moog Prodigy sheet really stands out with the textured background and that spot-light effect. I pointed this variation out in my initial blog post, but lining them up together now in this post (imagine the Opus 3 in that line as well!), really makes that difference stand out. And also, less concerning, is that the title doesn't contain the word "synthesizer" - although the Opus 3 sheet doesn't either.

But they still look like lovely little ducklings all in a row, don't they.  And that line up will be getting larger in the future, as I post others.  Yum.  :D

I just like to sit and enjoy them.

End note: One little quibble about the Opus 3... I really want to put a hyphen in there. Opus-3. Gah.

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