Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sequential Circuits Inc. Ear-Force enamel pin, approximately 1982

Sequential Circuits Inc. Ear-Force enamel pin from approximately 1982.

Okay - its been a while. And may be a while before I post again. Life is in progress. :)

But when I came across this pin I knew I just had to write a small post about it.

The pin is one of many Ear-Force promotional items that came about from the popularity of a series of ads that were designed by John Mattos, including the following (click on the images to read the corresponding blog posts and view larger version of the ads):


The design of the pin comes directly from the Ear-Force logo found in those ads - or two of them anyways. Of course, they had a much more limited pallet for the pin, so they went for a solid green, gold, and blue within the triangle imagery. I've put the two side by side below.

Although the Ear-Force ads ran mostly in 1981, I've dated the pin at approximately 1982. This is because the promotional items that followed the ads were promoted a bit later - like this one (see right) from the end of 1982. I've included a photo of the belt buckle in this post as well just for kicks. I'm guessing the pin was a promotional item given out at trade shows. Just a hunch.

I've never seen the posters in person, but have seen them lots online, mostly behind old and new photos of Sequential Circuits' founder Dave Smith. He is apparently more of a fan of John Mattos' SCI artwork than even I am.   :)

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