Thursday, August 13, 2009

Korg MS-20, Keyboard 1978

Korg MS-20 from page 63 of Contemporary Keyboard magazine November 1978.

This highly technical ad appears in the same issue as a similarly designed MS-10 ad (posted on my blog in July) and boasts the MS-20's spectacular external signal processor (something that I - as well as a lot of synth-heads - make use of on a regular basis).

Strangely, a totally unrelated Korg VC-10 vocoder ad also appears in this issue - very cartoony and lacking technical detail.

A simple MS-20 Google search pulls up all the regular sites, including Wikipedia and Vintage Synth Explorer. Wikipedia also pointed me to some crazy, fun, almost hypnotic YouTube videos showcasing a wack of Korg MS-related gear.

A great online owner's manual is also available through Korg Kornukopia.

If you can't afford current eBay prices, check out the software version. I haven't heard it myself, but apparently its pretty close.

Or, if you already have a Nintendo DS and want to noodle around with some music-making while riding the looser-cruiser to work in the mornings like I do, check out the DS-10.

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