Thursday, August 27, 2009

Moog Micromoog, Contemporary Keyboard 1976

Moog Micromoog from page 13 of Contemporary Keyboard magazine May/June 1976.

Coming across this ad got me thinking... I do quite like the term 'thermostated oscillator'.

Although my memory is starting to go, I can't recall my Micromoog ever drifting out of tune. The Micromoog operation manual even talks about its' super pitch stability' and its 'advanced temperature regulation' too. And best of all, the ad even throws out the temperature in celcius - and this ad is from '76. Whenever you see celcius involved in a US-based publication you know science must be involved.

But Google doesn't bring up any direct hits related to the Micromoog's thermostated oscillators. So, have I fallen for Moog's marketing trap of 1976? Or, is this just more proof that Moog was always ahead of their time?

Although you can't find much online specifically about the thermostated oscillators, there is a lot of general info on the Micromoog at the usual spots, including Vintage Synth Explorer. Also, a great site to check out for the Micromoog user manual, tons of schematics, links and images, is fantasyjackpalance (built by a guy not named Jack... see his faq for more info). Check out Google for more Micromoog links.

Let me say it one more time - 'thermostated oscillator'. Hee hee. Cool.

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Brandy Finegirl said...

I think the landlord put one of those in my apartment when I had him change the thermostat. Nice blog martini.

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