Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rhodes Keyboard Instruments U.S.A. Belt Buckle, approximately 1979

Rhodes Keyboard Instruments U.S.A. belt buckle from approximately 1979.

While I'm getting acquainted with my new Monotribe (weeeeeee!), I thought I would post something short and simple - and figured it was about time I posted another belt buckle from my collection.

Earlier this year I posted my ARP belt buckle, and way back in August 2009 I posted my Sequential Circuits Inc buckle (still my favorite!). You can click on the images below to go to those blog posts and see a few more photos, some history, etc...

As has become customary, I've included photos of the front and back of the buckle, as well as a photo with an instrument so you can get an idea of the size of the buckle. Since I don't own a Rhodes instrument, I couldn't include one in the photo - so I thought I would substitute it with the Korg Monotribe since it is one of my favorite instruments I'm currently noodling about with. :)

One of the coolest things about this buckle is that it was made in Canada by Century Products Ltd (engraved on the back of the buckle). Unfortunately, there is no date on the buckle, but it was given to me along with a few other belt buckles (including the ARP buckle), and was told it came from around the same time period (1977-83). I have no reason not to believe this.

I haven't bothered to research this logo too much to see if it fits the time line, but I did come across a Rhodes Keyboard Instruments USA service manual scan (PDF link from that includes this exact logo along with a 1979 date.

So... 1979 it is! If you know different, please email me!

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