Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thank you again, Moog Music! You too, MATRIXSYNTH

Wowza. My blog's Web site stats (visitors, page views) have jumped off the charts over the last few days.

A little sleuthing solved the mystery. Yesterday, Moog Music posted one of their best (and one of my favorite) retro synth ads on their Facebook page:

That post links back to their Web site's retro ads page - which just happens to feature ads and a courtesy link back to this blog!

The result? A lot of new friends from both Facebook and Twitter.

Moog Music Inc, and of course MATRIXSYNTH, provide a fair bit of ongoing traffic to the blog, and I truly appreciate their support, and everyone else that posts these ads on their Web sites and blogs and provides courtesy links back to this blog.

Plus, it gave me a good reason to put this image back on the main page of the blog.  :D

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