Thursday, May 24, 2012

Moog Synthesizer 55 system six-page brochure, 1974.

Moog Synthesizer 55 system six-page brochure from 1974.

Okay - I know the order of this lovely brochure looks a little weird. I've reordered them a bit. The top row would actually be ordered differently if you unfolded the brochure and looked at it as one long page. But it just makes more sense to order them this way at the top of the blog post. The bottom row is laid out the same way the unfolded brochure would look.

First and foremost - is that pink Moog logo adorable or what...?!?!Like seriously. I want to pinch that logo's cheeks.

Back to the brochure in a second. But first...

*Phew!* What a week so far! If you recall, on Monday I tried to get an early start on Bob Moog's birthday by posting this 1979 Happy Birthday message to Bob from Moog Music Inc. And I wasn't the only one getting an early start. Some amazing celebration activities and promotions were already going on both with Moog Music Inc and The Bob Moog Memorial Foundation. I was getting very excited to see what was to come throughout the week.

By Wednesday, May 23 (yesterday when you read this) it was Bob Moog's actual birthday and celebrations were in full effect. I wasn't disappointed.

The Google Doodle was probably the most amazing thing I came across. I first starting hearing about it the night before in synth forums from people in Australia and Japan who were in a  much earlier time zone. But as soon as it hit Canada and the US, my Facebook feed and email box was filling up from non-synth-fanatics everywhere. Looking into cubicles at work watching people playing a virtual synth made me chuckle just a little. And made me wonder what would happen if I brought in my Minimoog or Moog modular one day. Two words - Gong Show.

I was actually really surprised by how little action my 1979 Happy Birthday message post actually got on Monday and Tuesday. I was all smug when I posted it. But yah, nuthin' but a few Facebook likes and fairly normal traffic for a Monday post.

But then on May 23 my blog, and probably all other synthesizer sites that featured anything Moogish, went crazy. Visitors to the site have more than tripled - and its not even dinner on May 23 as I write this. And page views are through the roof.

I can at least partly thank MATRIXSYNTH for this spike. I was lucky enough to be his last afternoon post, which means... I GOT THE TOP SPOT ON HIS HOMEPAGE, BABY! At least for a while anyways.

Unless you have a small synth blog and are as unhealthily fixated on Web analytics as I am, you probably have no idea what a difference a MATRIXSYNTH post makes. Even if it just for a few hours, it allows a large number of new visitors to find the blog, and also reminds the regulars that its blog post day.

I'm also noticing an increased stream of traffic from the regular sources such as the Moog Music Web site (they include my scans and a link back to the blog),, and some of the forums out there (vintagesynth, KVR, even the Prince forum where friendly competitor Oberheim is tops). Also saw some new sites link to the blog, including Warning... you *will* get lost on that site - very cool stuff.

Okay - back to the brochure.

I thought this was a fitting bookend to the Happy Birthday message post on Monday. I originally planned on returning to Linn in my Thursday post, but I just couldn't leave Bob Moog's birthday yet. And I knew I needed to post something *BIG*. And, as the brochure states about the Synthesizer 55, this is "the largest and most sophisticated standard studio system...".

Yes. Yes it is. Yum. :D

I love this brochure. Its not in the best of shape, but I can't complain since it's about 38 years old. That's older than me (in my mind anyways).

I suggest reading through this thing from beginning to end. The "inside" pages are lined up in the correct order (bottom row of images, left to right). And, don't forget that last page with the "instrument compliment" diagram. I drool every time I look at it. I've got a long way to go before mine reaches that size.

The general specifications page on the "outside" of the brochure is also interesting to read. Lots of good historical reference information, such as the number of patch cords that came with the beast (answer: 43 - 38 audio cables ranging in length from 3-14 feet and five switch trigger cords), the optional equipment available, and even a summary of the individual modules' features. 

The more I look at it, the harder it is to put down.

And so there you have it. Happy birthday Bob. And congratulations to Moog Music, the Moog Foundation, MATRIXSYNTH and anyone else that helped with the celebrations. Usually I knee-jerk to any type of communal celebratory hype. But not this time. I want to get even deeper next year. 

Is anyone else out there wondering how they are going to top this next year?

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