Sunday, October 7, 2012

Keep calm and...


This morning on a whim I made a couple of little "Keep Calm..." images based on vintage synth ads. It was really more of a procrastination thing. Just didn't feel like blogging.

The first was created as a little teaser for the ad I'm blogging about tomorrow.  I posted that one to Facebook this morning.

The second was taken from an old Roland "Groupies aren't everything" advertisement from 1978. I tweeted that one earlier today.

Thanks to @MATRIXSYNTH who quickly recognized that I had used a very similar font to the original ad, as well as retweets from @theskeledance, @LTMDTW, @ignaciodacio and one or two others, traffic to my site got a pretty good bump. Not bad for an off-blogging day.

So, thank you very much!    :)

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