Monday, June 24, 2013

Garfield Electronics Nano Doc, MIDI Adapter and FSK Adapter "Introducing the Nano Series Ultra-low cost synchronization" ad, Keyboard 1985

Garfield Electronics Nano Doc syncronizer, MIDI Adapter and FSK Adapter "Introducing the Nano Series Ultra-low cost synchronization" full page black & white advertisement from page 93 in the November 1984 issue of Keyboard Magazine.

 If you had asked me more than a month ago what products would come to mind if someone had mentioned Garfield Electronics, that would have included Dr. Click... and... well... that's it.  I knew they made other sync products, but I couldn't have named them. Maybe the Dr. Click 2. Definitely not the Mini Doc.

And as far as those other products that turned up in that last post - Dr. Flick, Modulator etc... yeah... not those ones either. And I was *really* into interfacing old and new gear.  Funny how some gear just slips by without notice.

I have to say that the Nano Doc falls into that group too. Maybe I just blur'd all those other products into the Dr. Click. I probably just thought they were all the same product.

With respect to the ad itself, I have to say I'm a little disappointed that the Garfield ad-art has disappeared. Especially the artwork from that previous ad. Those drawings had legs (pun intended) and could have been easily expanded a long with Garfield's product line.

Without the funny graphics, the ad kinda falls flat. That's too bad because Garfield was pumping out some cool, cheaper products that were starting to incorporate MIDI. And due to the nature of the product, it made sense for Garfield to name-drop like crazy - Sequential Circuits Six Traks, Korg Poly 800, Linn LM-1 and Roland MPU-401 MIDI processor. Nice.

For whatever reason (I'm going to blame the lack of cool ad-art), the advertisement only showed up in Keyboard Magazine once or twice near the end of 1984. But the Nano Doc did benefit from a quick and dirty Spec Sheet promo in the February 1985 issue.
"Garfield Rhythm Controller. The Nano Doc rhythm controller provides synchronization of sequencers and drum machines by Roland, Oberheim, Sequential, Linn, Korg, Moog, E-mu, Simmons, and othes. the unit can also be used to sync sequencers and drum machines to take for multi-track recording. Price is $250.00. Garfield Electronics, Box 1941, Burbank, CA 91507."
Not really that specific. But luckily, almost 30 years later, someone was selling a Nano Doc on the InterWebz and took some great photos. And like other rack gear from Garfield Electronics, some good detailed instructions and functionality info can be found on the top of the device.

Just keep clicking on that first image and eventually it will be displayed large enough to read the information on the top of the rack.

Doctor Click. Mini Doc. Nano Doc. Dr. Flick... can't wait to see what interesting name Garfield comes up for the next big product...

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