Monday, February 17, 2014

Sequential Circuits Inc. Prophet-10 "The Most Complete Keyboard Instrument Available Today" reference brochure - 1980

Sequential Circuits Inc. Prophet-10 "The Most Complete Keyboard Instrument Available Today" four page reference brochure (spec sheet) from approx. 1980.

Wait! I know it looks familiar. might easily mistake it for the Prophet-5 spec sheet I posted last week. But trust me, it ain't.

Flip open this spec sheet and the first thing you'll find is that classic Prophet-10 photo seen in books and all over the Web. And even though this brochure is over 20 years old and that photo is in black and white, you can smell those wood side panels.

At first glance, it might look like Sequential did a bit of recycling of photos between the Prophet-5 and Prophet-10 brochures, especially that second photo on the left-inside page of the Poly-Mod/LFO/Mono-Mod sections. But closer inspection will show that they are indeed two different photos, with knobs in different positions.

Where possible, some content has been recycled - the Poly-Mod, the LFO, Mixer and Filter sections in particular. But there is just so much more content to pack into the Prophet-10. That back page is especially packed with some goodies including the Polyphonic Sequencer Option section. For some reason, I was never aware of the built-in micro cassette for sequencer and program storage. I knew it had a sequencer, but internal micro cassette storage on a 1980's synth kinda blows my mind.

Like that Prophet-5 spec sheet, I have given this reference sheet a print date of 1980, but it could just as easily been printed as early as mid-1979 when the Prophet-10 specs appeared in Contemporary Keyboard's July 1979 spec-sheet write-up. I originally included that write-up, as well as the Prophet-10 advertising timeline back in a January 2011 post for the instrument. Definitely worth a look back if you are interested.

So - because I ended the Prophet-5 post with a YouTube video, I thought I would share this dual Prophet-10 video one with you. Dude is really rockin' it.

 Enjoy  :)

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