Monday, July 20, 2009

Kaman EML SynKey, Contemporary Keyboard 1976

Kaman Corporation EML SynKey from page 9 of Contemporary Keyboard magazine May / June 1976.

The SynKey apparently dripped with 1976 cutting-edge technology. Punch card programming... After-touch... Awesome.


JOSHUA said...

Very rare but nice sounding of the first on the market with microprocessor control. BTW it was called the SynKey 2001.

Micke said...

There were two models of the Synkey, the non-programmable version 1500 and the programmable
version 2001. Moreover, there exists a version
badged Ovation whose back panel is like a mirror
of the regular model.

Known users of the Synkey include Herbie Hancock and Tommy Mars of Frank Zappa band.

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