Thursday, July 23, 2009

Salamander Music Systems Voice 400 and 430 Digital Keyboard Sequencer, Polyphony 1982

Salamander Music Systems (SMS) Voice 400 synthesizer and 430 Digital Keyboard sequencer from inside front cover of Polyphony magazine September /October 1982.

I wasn't that familiar with SMS, so I did a quick search online and offline and found some information.

The January / February 1981 issue of Polyphony magazine (page 9, Current Events section) reported that Salamander Music Systems announced the Voice 400, listing it at $1980.00 US.

A February 1983 Keyboard magazine review (looking at it now) has a review of both the Voice 400 and 430 Keyboard, but refers to the company as Small Modular Systems. The review describes some of the 400's unique features such as variable filter response, linear FM, and programmable delay line (awesome!). Costs for the Voice 400 was listed in Keyboard at $2125.00 US, and the 430 Keyboard was listed at $1,100.

The Matrixsynth blog has a post about SMS, their modular system and the Voice 400. has information describing the SMS modules.

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