Monday, August 10, 2009

Sequential Circuits Poly-Sequencer, Remote Prophet, belt buckle and more merchandise Keyboard 1982

Sequential Circuits Instruments (SCI) Poly-Sequencer, Remote Prophet and merchandise including brass belt buckle, SCI and Prophet 5 pin set, 'Ear-Force' poster set and Prophet jersey shirt from page 78 of Keyboard magazine December 1982.

SCI took a bit of a break from their usual cartoony 'Ear-Force' and Prophet ads to bring us this December split-level ad. The upper portion features the Poly-Sequencer and Remote Prophet (also see an SCI family ad I posted earlier) with some good solid reference information about the gear. The bottom portion features some excellent merchandise. How many people left this ad out on the living room table to entice their loved-ones to drop an SCI brass belt buckle into their stocking for Christmas?

Some online information is available for the Remote Prophet on Vintage Synth Explorer and

The Poly-Sequencer is a bit more of a rare beast - I found little online except for a few photos from eBay auctions through MatrixSynth and some more photos elsewhere.

And even more surprisingly, SCI's Wikipedia page doesn't mention either piece of gear.

Not a lot of vintage SCI merchandise displayed online either. I'll take a picture of my vintage Sequential Circuits brass belt buckle (also have an ARP buckle) and drop them on the site some day. If you have any vintage SCI merchandise you'd like to feature, send me a scan/photo and I'd be happy to add to this post.

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can you post your ARP belt buckle? I'd love to see it.

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