Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sequential Circuits Prophet-10, Keyboard 1981

Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 synthesizer from page 7 of Keyboard Magazine August 1981.

I've been on a roll with SCI lately, what with yesterday's belt buckle post that linked back to an earlier SCI merchandise ad. This Prophet-10 ad may also look familiar from that merchandise ad - the artwork was used in one of the three Ear*Force posters that could be purchased as a set for six bucks.

The artwork in each ad/poster references a particular synthesizer in the Prophet line - Prophet-10, Prophet-5, and Pro-One - and each also features that wizard dude that reminds me of Gandalf from LOTR (incidentally, The LOTR film by animator Ralph Bakshi came out around 1978)... You can be sure I'll be uploading the other two ads in the future.

The ad doesn't really mention anything about the Prophet-10, but luckily there is a lot of information online at the usual places (see below for links). Unfortunately, the Prophet-10 Wikipedia page was deleted in June 2008.

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