Thursday, December 3, 2009

ARP Soloist Mk II Dealer Ad Sheet, 1970s

ARP Soloist Mk II dealer ad sheet (front and back) from the 1970s including the Soloist Mk II and Pro Soloist.

It was only a week or two ago that I had never heard of the Soloist Mk II. I blogged about how little information there was on the Web about it - just a few forum comments. It's like the sasquatch of the online synthesizer world. The Bobby Fischer of Analogue Heaven. The Jimmy Hoffa of Vintage Synth Explorer.

Well, anyways... here is more proof of this shy beast, including a much better photo of the instrument and a plethora of information including it's dimensions and voices, as well as descriptions of its variable expression controls and touch sensor effects. From the sheet:
"The modular design also revolutionizes servicing. Every circuit and switch is mounted on one of the six plug-in cards. Servicing is simply a matter of replacing any circuit card - an operation that can be done by any serviceman in just a few minutes."
Most excellent!

Now I just need to find the time to type all that into Wikipedia or one of the great synthesizer sites out there like VSE... any suggestions on what synthesizer site(s) to contribute to?

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Micke said...

Thanks a lot for posting these rare ARP ads. I believe the "SMk672" printed on the front page refers to the date of printing/publication.

It's interesting to note that the Pro Soloist is announced on the back of the ad because afaik that model wasn't in production yet by that early stage (which os probably the reason it isn't pictured).
To the best of my knowledge the Pro Soloist wasn't released to the market until
the spring/summer of 1973.


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