Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Sock Monkey with Synthesizer

You might recall that my gal Zenbecca created this collage and custom calendar back in 2009. Well, she was at her crafty best again - this time making me this retro sock monkey for Valentine's Day. And I just had to post it (technically, it is retro, and it's holding a synthesizer. :o)

And, I have to say, except for the lack of hair on the monkey, this pretty much is a spitting image.

The monkey is sporting my four favorite collectibles. All of which I am usually sporting every day as well.

Synthesizer - check.

Tie - check.

Digital calculator watch - check.

Pocket protector - check.

The synthesizer in the monkey's hands doesn't seem to be modeled after any specific synthesizer. But I kinda like the surreal-ness of it.

And, I'm a big fan of pocket protectors. I wear one to work every day, and my collection has grown such that I can now wear one to work every day for over five months without repeats.

But, I do have my favorites.

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