Monday, September 21, 2009

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Contemporary Keyboard 1981

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 synthesizer ad from page 39 of Contemporary Keyboard Magazine May 1981.

This ad was part of a series of 'Ear-Force' ads that Sequential Circuits Inc. was running throughout 1981.

The Ear-Force series included full-page ads for the Prophet-5, Prophet-10 (view it here), and Pro-One (coming soon!) . The fabulous artwork for each ad revolved around the theme of the air-force and a pilot flying a plane, and all three were later made into a series of posters that were promoted in Keyboard Magazine during the 1982 Christmas season along with other mouth-watering merchandise including this SCI belt buckle.

These three ads were not the only ones that the artist, Mattos, created for SCI. The business relationship goes back as far as 1979 when he created the artwork for a two-page Prophet-5 advert 'Beware the False Prophet'. More on that ad, and hopefully Mattos, in the near future.

There is a lot of reference material available online for the Prophet-5, including these top three Google results: Vintage Synth Explorer, Synth Museum, and Wikipedia. Also check out the discussion board for information on some old and new Prophet gear.

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